PUBG is Almost Done With Xbox Game Preview

On September 4th, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (better known as PUBG) leaves Xbox’s version of early access behind and hits 1.0. But that doesn’t mean the work stops. Hell if anything, the work is only just beginning. That’s evident after the folks behind the game launched a ‘Fix PUBG’ campaign on the PC version.

Admitting your game needs work is good, but damn you could have picked a better name. Rainbow Six: Siege went through similar growing pains, but they dubbed it ‘Operation Health.’ Not ‘Fix Rainbow.’ Still, I love PUBG. Even with all its faults.

After nine months on Xbox Preview, PUBG on Xbox is getting closer to being on the same footing as the PC version. Here’s what’s coming in 1.0:

Sanhok map

The typical 8×8 km map gives way to a much smaller 4×4. A smaller map means quicker games and more action. A lot more action. Which can be fun. It can also be a pain. With closer engagements, you’re going to have curious players following the action. Don’t be shocked to get into multiple firefights in one spot as other teams come running towards the gunfire. And don’t get too greedy looting dead bodies; there’s bound to be another player close by.

Sanhok also brings new weapons, vehicles, and brings dynamic weather to Xbox for the first time.

War mode

PUBG’s take on deathmatch will never replace the Battle Royale experience for me, but it’s a nice distraction. It’s also an excellent way to get a few warm-up games in before you go chasing chicken dinners.

More cosmetics

New in-game currency and the Event Pass: Sanhok are coming to Xbox. I don’t care that much for cosmetics in PUBG, but good news for those who do.

PUBG controller

Yep, PUBG is getting a limited edition controller. It’ll retail for $69.99 and will hit retailers on October 30. Check it out.

pubg controller

Not bad. But how can you have a PUBG controller with no mention of chicken dinner or the pan? C’mon man.

PUBG has been an enormous success, but it has slipped a bit on Xbox’s most played charts. I saw it as high as #3 shortly after launch, but today it’s hovering at the #8 mark. Performance issues and the sheer popularity of Fortnite were probably the biggest reasons for it slipping out of the top 5. Still, it’s ahead of massive games like Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Rocket League. It’s not lacking a playerbase. We’ll see if the move out of early access gives it a bump.