Ever been decked out with a level three vest and helmet only for someone to come along and shoot you twice with an UMP? It’s happened to all of us. And it turns out; it’s not always a laggy server or a hacker. There’s a bug fix coming in this week’s patch that will fix it. From the patch notes:

Resolved a bug where bullets sometimes ignore armor.

Everyone’s making a big deal about the blue zone change, but this is also a big fix. It didn’t happen all the time, but it happened enough.

The level three helmet should now protect against one-shot headshot kills from everything but the AWM. You’ll also get the true damage reduction boosts from all armor (from 30% at level 1 to 55% at level 3).

It won’t fix all the BS deaths (i.e. hackers), but it should do away with a few rage moments.

The other part of the patch that has everyone talking is the changes coming to the blue zone. PUBG’s devs cleared up some confusion about what’s happening in an update to the patch notes. Here’s the change:

Blue zone DOT (Damage over Time) increases when characters are farther away from the play zone.

This principle does not apply to the first blue zone.

We’ll see exactly how big of change this is. It not applying to the first zone also gives everyone time to get gear and get to the safe zone. Anything that prevents people from healing through later zones is a plus in my book.

Restricting sight while in the blue zone could be a good solution too. That way people could still play the outer edges of the play zone, but not run a greater risk of dying as the blue zone speeds past. There are several ways the developers could approach this. You can jump on the test server right now to see how this change works.

In other PUBG news, vaulting and climbing will hit test servers early next month. The devs are looking at three days of testing at a minimum. And they are planning three rounds of testing before the feature hits live servers.

Vaulting is going to be a gamechanger. I was excited about the feature the second it was announced. But, I’m curious to see exactly how it plays out. For six months, we’ve all played PUBG a certain way. And vaulting is going to upend it. I can’t wait.

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