PUBG deston map

PUBG’s Newest 8×8 Map, Deston, Hits Live Servers Tomorrow

It’s been just over a year since PUBG’s last large map. Tomorrow, the much-anticipated Deston map (previously known as Kiki) lands on live servers following an 8-hour maintenance period. 

After that, Deston will be available to play via its own featured playlist. One quick note for the console version of PUBG. The new map hits Xbox and PlayStation next week. Tomorrow’s update is specifically for the PC version.

Deston is set to offer some new gameplay mechanics as well. Anyone familiar with Call of Duty: Warzone will instantly recognize the Ascender. With Deston having some of the highest vantage points we’ve seen yet in PUBG, the devs tossed in Ascenders to make scaling them much quicker. 

Deston’s highlight has to be the huge city located map’s eastern side.

But you’re going to want to check your expectations a little bit. Some of these buildings only have one floor that you can walk through. Why? The folks behind PUBG wanted to make sure the city didn’t turn into a sniper haven. 

The vast swamps situated on the north side of Deston gives plenty of room for Deston’s newest vehicle – the Airboat.

Cell Towers are PUBG’s answer to redeploy spots we see in Apex Legends or Warzone. 

Once at the top, press the interaction key to get a boost in whichever direction you’re facing. Your utility parachute will then pop, allowing you to cross a decent distance faster than you can run it. That’ll be handy when the zone is closing, and you can’t find a damn car to save your life. 

There’s plenty more you can read about in the patch notes including:

  • Drone accessible locations
  • Security keys and security doors (high-tier loot)
  • Destructible fuel pumps
  • New shotgun (O12, full-auto slug shotgun)
  • New console graphic options
  • And more. 

Miramar is also getting some love with improved terrain to hopefully make driving a little smoother. Certain buildings are also getting changes which you can see below.

With tomorrow’s 18.2 update, Deston will get a dedicated playlist for a short while. As for the new map rotation? Paramo (the volcano map) heads back to the vault with Karakin replacing it. Here’s how the normal map rotation will look:

  • Erangel 
  • Miramar
  • Taego
  • Sanhok
  • Karakin