PUBG’s QBZ95 Assault Rifle Should Now Shoot Where You Aim
PUBG Sanhok patch

Patch notes for the 16th PUBG PC update were released a short while ago. While the changes to the Event Pass will grab most headlines, it’s a little blurb tucked towards the bottom I want to highlight.

– Fixed an issue where even under correct zeroing settings, the ADS aim point and actual bullet trajectory were slightly misaligned.

According to the devs, the issue was most noticeable with the QBZ and crossbow.

Anyone who frequents the PUBG subreddit probably knows all about the issue with the new QBZ assault rifle on the Sanhok map. A video from YouTuber WackyJacky101 first brought it to players’ attention back on June 24. The QBZ95 would shoot like it was zeroed at 0 meters even if it was zeroed at the default 100 meters. With a 4x scope, shots would always be slightly lower than where you were aiming.

Here’s the video demonstrating the problem.

The issue doesn’t cause you to miss targets completely, but it can throw you off what appears to be for sure headshots. We’ve all had those moments where you ask yourself, “just how many damn shots does it take?” Well, now we know in the QBZ’s case it was because the bullet trajectory wasn’t lining up exactly where you were aiming.

Event Pass changes

PUBG’s take on the Battle Pass has not been well received by some. And with the backlash comes tweaks to the system. Here are the changes.

Event Pass system’s progression mechanisms have been adjusted.

– Daily XP Limit 80 → 120

– Minimum play time required to count towards mission progress: 5 minutes → 2 minutes

– Minimum play time required to acquire XP: 5 minutes → 2.5 minutes

– Base play time XP payment is now granted in 2.5 minute intervals, instead of 5 minute intervals. Previously, 2 XP was granted every 5 minutes, now 1 XP is granted every 2.5 minutes. For Duo or Squad games, mission progress is updated when your team wins the game, or when your whole team is eliminated.

– ‘Reach top 3 without killing anyone in Solos’ mission requirements have been changed. The mission now requires reaching top 3 with 2 kills or less.

PUBG’s live servers will go down for three hours tonight (June 27) starting at 7pm PDT.

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