PUBG’s Randomly Flying (And Flipping) Cars Get Fixed on Xbox One

One of the more infuriating bugs (and sometimes hilarious) is now a thing of the past for PUBG. A few days ago, the developers deployed a patch fixing the bug on PC. Today, that same fix comes to the Xbox One version.

From the patch notes: “Fixed a serious bug that caused vehicles to flip or get airtime for no reason. This includes the three-wheel bike.”

Most of the other gameplay fixes keep the focus on vehicles. The devs continue to tinker with the damage related to vehicle crashes. Now, you’ll receive more damage in a vehicle collision. The heavier the vehicle, the more it’ll hurt.

As for optimization fixes? Until PUBG is running at 60 FPS, all the tweaks will never be enough. Hell, a rock solid 30 FPS would be nice. Here are the handful of optimization tweaks coming today.

– Partially optimized the vehicle system. The dust effect caused by friction with the ground during driving has especially been optimized, and the vehicle system has been improved in part.
– Fixed a problem with voice chat that caused some crashes.
– Grass objects in Erangel have been optimized and will continue to be optimized going forward.

Despite the rough frame rate, PUBG is still a blast to play. But it’s jarring switching between Fortnite and PUBG. I get there are significant differences between the two, but man I hope the folks behind PUBG can get it running at 60 FPS eventually.

Today’s patch also brings a slew of new skins packed in a new crate (Western Military Crate). Here are the drop rates.

xbox crate drop rates

PUBG’s desert map hits Xbox One in May

The Xbox One version of PUBG gets the first major content update next month. At PAX East, the developers announced Miramar is coming in May. No word on a specific date, but more info will be coming soon.

That’s cool and all, but I want to see PUBG’s third map (codenamed Savage) on Xbox One. It cuts the 8×8 km maps of Erangel and Miramar down to 4×4 km. If we’re going to see PUBG’s technical issues clear up anytime soon, it’s going to be on a smaller map.