PUBG’s Ranking System Is About To Get Some Visual Flair

Leaderboards and ratings have been in PUBG for a while, but it’s about to be wrapped into a new ranking system. And it includes some new visuals to help us figure out where we stand among everyone else at a glance. You can see the ranking system in action right now on the test server.

According to the patch notes, the rank system will consist of eight ranks. From Bronze to Grandmaster. You’ll fall into a specific rank based on how many rank points you have. Plus, you’ll need to play ten matches before earning your first rank.

PUBG rank system

Welp, now PUBG will join Rocket League as I march towards the top rank. Thankfully, getting past Diamond won’t be so bad on PUBG.

Ranking up and down will be based on how many points you have. You can see the breakdown above.

The ranking system isn’t new, but it is a step above the current system. Right now, you see where you stand as a percentage on the leaderboard. Soon, it’ll be similar to Rocket League and other shooters. Ranking up will look and feel better as you change tiers instead of watching your percentage slowly creep lower until you hit the top 1000.

The stat page is also getting a makeover.

new PUBG stat page

Yep, that’s a lot cleaner.

PUBG’s Update #22 includes a Skin Trade Up system (all those dirty tank tops will have a use now), some UI/UX overhauls related to throwables and consumables, and network alert icons.

Here’s a look at the UI changes.

PUBG new grenade UI

PUBG new heal ui

The devs are doing solid work on PUBG between this and the flare gun beta test. You can check the ranking system on the test server right now. All the changes above should make their way to live servers in early October.