Another PUBG patch, another long wait for vaulting. While vaulting isn’t here yet, a new weapon will give us something else to use as we claw our way to chicken dinners.

Bluehole jumped on Facebook to make the patch announcement. Specific patch notes weren’t released, but we have a good idea of what’s coming next week.

From Bluehole: “Some of the key features of the new build include a new weapon, foggy weather condition, FPP leaderboards and multiple bug fixes.”

9/11/17 UPDATE: Full patch notes released. Vaulting is scheduled to hit test servers in November, maybe earlier.

9/8/2017 UPDATE: The new gun is a Mini-14 and the tweet sure sounds like it’s a regular spawn. Not a crate spawn.

Please don’t let the new weapon be another crate spawn. We need more toys littered across the map to play with. Another 7.62 assault rifle would be nice. We already have three 5.56. Or maybe even a 5.56 sniper rifle (DMR).

Foggy weather should be a neat addition. It’ll offer reduced visibility like the rainy map, but without the annoyingly loud rain drops. We saw a glimpse of the fog back at June’s PC Gamer Show.

There’s also a short video floating around Reddit showing a little more of the new weather along with vaulting.

FPP leaderboards give all the folks who are love PUBG in the first—person all the stats they crave. Me? I don’t mind first-person, but I’ve been sticking with third-person. It’s my Ghost Recon multiplayer replacement.

A bunch of bug fixes are also on the way, but no word yet on what they include. Full patch notes are expected to hit early next week as the test server goes live.

Speaking of the test server, one of the reasons for the change in patch schedule was to let patches bake a little longer. The old one day on the test server is now two for next week’s patch. Not a huge change, but there also aren’t any crazy features coming next week. I imagine vaulting will sit on the test server a little longer than two days when it’s finally finished.

I was wondering how the change in patch schedule was going to shake out. So far, so good.

Now, we hurry up and wait again for any word on when vaulting comes to PUBG.

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