A pair of new crates are coming to PUBG. And this time, we know the odds of getting every item packed in them. The second update (since 1.0 launch) is currently on test servers and will be pushed to live servers according to the official PUBG Twitter.

The two new crates are DESPERADO (paid) and BIKER (free). We’ll need to buy a key to unlock the DESPERADO crate just like we did with the Gamescom crate. The BIKER crate is purchased via the in-game point system.

Each crate has a 40% drop rate while the previous crates (Wanderer and Survivor) get dropped to a 10% drop rate.

But the big news is the drop rates revealed by the developer.

The most common item in the DESPERADO crate has an 8% chance of dropping while the rarest (and most valuable on the Steam market) comes in at just 0.16%.

The gap between common and rare items is even bigger in the BIKER crate. A long-sleeved T-shirt (Red) has a 15% chance of dropping. But the Cloth Mask (Checkered)? Just 0.01%.

On the test server, the devs give you enough points and keys to open six crates. As always, my luck with the virtual slot machine was terrible. I ended up with four DESPERADO crates and two BIKER crates. Here’s what I got (drop rates are listed beside each).


– Striped tank top: 7.5%
– Wide pants (red): 7.5%
– Wide pants (red): 7.5%
– Beanie (brown): 5.0%


– T-shirt (pink striped): 10%
– Sleeveless turtleneck (red): 4.5%

Maybe I’m getting all my bad luck out of the way right now.

Don’t be shocked to see the rarest items pop up on Steam for $300+. And that’s probably being conservative. The most expensive item (with regular sales) is the PlayerUnknown’s Bandana. Several of them are sold every day for the ridiculous price of $800+.

The most expensive item right now is the PlayerUnknown Set with a price set at $1,930. And that’s not just an outrageous price for the sake of it. There are requests to buy it coming in at $1,400+.

I won’t be chasing a virtual lottery ticket. I’ll be keeping an eye on how much the crates can be sold for once they go live tonight. If I can grab a few bucks per crate, I’ll do that.

I don’t mind cosmetic items at all but damn, at least give folks an option to buy what they want without rolling the virtual dice. Especially with these terrible drop rates.

I’ll probably never get a skin worth hundreds, but I’ll be content with my twenty bucks or so from selling crates.

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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