Need something to drop your self-confidence a peg or two today? Good news, @marisainda has you covered in a new pull-up YouTube video. With a DJ Dado remix of the Eurythmics, she proceeds to do a pull-up dance as she gradually ‘walks’ up the bar.

Yeah, thank you for making me feel beyond lazy. At this point, I think I should just embrace it and watch some Netflix. Or, download the pull-up to take up space on my iPhone.

If you’re wondering how do you learn how to do this, it’s both easy and hard. Step One, put down the Big Gulp from 7-11. No one believes that’s just your water cup. Two, prepare to do more pushups than you ever thought possible.

The video reminds me of Hannibal for King, except with a little club music thrown it. If you follow extreme body weight fitness, check out King and Battle of the Bars. It takes what marisainda does in the video to another extreme.

Consider it our collective penance for failing at this year’s fitness resolution.

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