Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare remains one of the most under-appreciated games in recent years. Beneath its cartoony aesthetic lies a deceptively deep and awesome shooter.

For Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2, PopCap Games wants to get us into the action even quicker. Their solution? Backyard Battleground. It’s a hub world that ties all the modes together.

PopCap’s Jeremy Vanhoozer tells us what to expect in the video above. “It’s your personalized space and home in the battle for Zomburbia.”

Remember the training course from Call of Duty? PvZ adds its spin to it called Crazy Targets. Test your shooting skills against friends and the world to see who can complete the course the fastest.

Want to get into the action right away? Head to the Flag of Power. You can take on waves of enemies by yourself or with three friends.

Each faction has a base where the traditional menus are located. Pick your multiplayer modes, customize your characters or check your stats. Do it all within the hub world of Backyard Battleground.

PvZ 2 Heroes

Another cool addition is Portals. Travelling through them takes you on missions designed around the new Plant and Zombie heroes. You can check out the various heroes below.

Damn, I wish PopCap gave some of these ideas to DICE for Star Wars Battlefront. A hub world with hero-specific missions would have been perfect. Missions designed solely around Boba Fett? Yes, please. Hell, every multiplayer-focused game should look at what PopCap is doing.


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