Just when you think we have collectively hit peak selfie, another app comes back to take advantage of the video messaging world. If you’re thinking you’ve heard of Qik, it’s because it was bought by Skype in 2011 before shuttering it in April of this year.

Now, we get Skype Qik. Why? Because some executive realized they had the foundation of a snapchat clone and decided to turn the lights back on. The new Skype Qik will allow you to send video chats that will disappear after two weeks.

To hear Skype tell the tale, you’d think the project was on par with putting someone on the moon.

“A small team of Skype designers and developers recently took up the challenge to build a new app to run alongside Skype and provide an ongoing form of video chat.”

“They knew they had to create something mobile and lightweight, as spontaneous as messaging but as intimate as calling.”

“And it had to be fun and easy to use. What they created was Skype Qik, and we’re so excited to share it with you today.”

Ok, someone sat in the room with the copywriter a little too long. You see the ever growing userbase of video messaging services, and wanted a piece of the pie. I know, your bit sounds better to Wall Street.

The good news is Qik was essentially built for this anyways. It’s a redirection of focus away from online broadcast TV to something more intimate – video messaging. The question is, will people want another messaging app? With Skype tied into it, it could be something for enterprise users, but it’s hard to see the legion of snapchatters moving to Skype.

Then again, how many hacks can SnapChat endure before the masses turn on it?

One bonus of Skype Qik? Windows Mobile is shown some love. We all know you’re out there with your Nokia phone. Here’s your video messaging app. Android and iOS also get the app.

The promo video is embedded below. You know what I fancy? Microsoft not being late to the party on everything.

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