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QuakeCon Goes Digital Again in 2022 But Plans In-Person Get Together in 2023

Since 1996, fans of id Software’s Quake and other Zenimax-owned games have met and gamed in person in the Dallas, Texas area. Those in-person get-togethers were put on hold in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic. And Bethesda confirmed this year’s QuakeCon event will once again be virtual. But they are already planning for a return to an in-person event in 2023.

The QuakeCon official Twitter wrote in part

“Like you, we’re disappointed to not return to Dallas this year. An event of this size requires months of planning, and in this case, we had to make decisions when there was still too much uncertainty to commit to successfully executing an in-person QuakeCon.”

“We’re committed to returning with our full in-person festival in 2023, and already looking forward to reconnecting with friends, a massive BYOC packed with your latest custom creations, our wild contests, and tons of great new games and hardware for attendees to try out.”

QuakeCon is one of the biggest gaming events in the U.S. and typically brings 10,000+ folks from around the world to celebrate all things Quake/Bethesda. 

Last year, we saw the reveal (and release) of Quake remastered and the first in-depth look at Deathloop’s multiplayer. This year should be much bigger with Bethesda’s Starfield inching closer to release. Plus, Machine Games (known for Wolfenstein) is currently working on an Indiana Jones game. And Arkane Austin (the team responsible for Prey and Dishonored) is working on Redfall. 

There should be no shortage of big news coming from QuakeCon this year, even with the event being virtual. QuakeCon 2022 will kick off on August 18 and last through the 20th.

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