2015 is shaping up to be the year of the exclusive. Quantum Break is the latest exclusive title to make 2015 its home. Today’s news comes in the form of a teaser trailer.

In the trailer, Remedy “gives fans a sneak peek at Quantum Break before its official reveal at Gamescom. Launching in 2015, Quantum Break will deliver an unprecedented fusion of cinematic gameplay and high-quality, live-action storytelling.”

Skip to 1:20 in the trailer below to get to the gameplay footage of Quantum Break. You’ll catch glimpses of a soldier in a mechanized suit, typical third-person shooting and hand-to-hand combat. Quantum Break’s main selling point so far is the ability to alter time.

The short bit we see looks fantastic. Remedy Entertainment is taking full advantage of the Xbox One hardware. Let’s hope the graphics we see here are the same we get in the final product.

I’m a bit surprised that Quantum Break isn’t making it to E3. Makes me wonder what surprises Microsoft has in store for us at their press conference.

Right now, Microsoft has one confirmed exclusive coming this year. Sunset Overdrive. A Halo 1-4 HD remastered edition has been widely rumored, but it would be nice to see some more new IPs hit next-gen consoles this year.

It looks like third-party studios will be shouldering the load. October is stacked right now with Evolve, Shadow of Mordor and more releasing in the same week. Plus, we’ll see the yearly iterations of Battlefield and Call of Duty.


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