The Super Bowl is equal parts football and advertising. Intuit announced the winner of its ‘Small Business, Big Game’ contest. Death Wish Coffee ran away with the contest and Intuit’s ad agency, RPA, created one hell of an ad.

Yep. Ragnar and company would approve that message. I know what has a death wish on game night. The company’s website. Good luck when 100 million people are exposed to your small business.

It’s an excellent program put forward by Intuit, and you can tell the people at Death Wish Coffee appreciate the hell out being selected.

Awesome reaction and story.

Death Wish Coffee

Love your coffee stronger than a pissed off Viking? Each cup has twice the amount of caffeine as your typical store brand of coffee. The company attributes that to a unique blend of coffee beans and roasting process.

death wish coffee

Brew it according to their recommendations and you’ll be sipping at the gates of Valhalla, or at the very least, more awake than you were before the cup. Hey, pillaging is a crime in most states. But, go ahead and enter the next Viking boat race.

The company offers both bags and single-serve cups. Prices are in the range of $20 depending on what you order.

As for fans? Death Wish is beloved nationwide thanks to their fun take on the morning coffee ritual. Plus, who doesn’t love Vikings on the History Channel?

If you want to try the coffee or get your order in, don’t wait until the Super Bowl. Once the URL goes up in front of that many people, it’s server busting. The poor server admins will need the Valhalla blend on an IV drip.

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