‘Where are the Alpha Packs in Rainbow Six Siege?’ That’s a question a lot of Siege fans will be asking once they download today’s 2.1.1 update. Especially if all you did was skim through the developer blog post detailing today’s update. It doesn’t help when the first header is ‘Alpha Packs.’

Alpha Packs are not coming to Rainbow Six Siege today. Straight from the blog post:

“Please note that the Alpha Packs will not be available immediately following the deployment of 2.1.1.”

When are Alpha Packs coming then?

It’s going to be at least another week. The Siege developers will publish a Blog/FAQ with more info about Alpha Packs next week. What we do know is the devs will stagger the release of Alpha Packs across every platform. But we don’t have any specifics on which platform is getting it first or any exact dates. Those are details we will hopefully get in next week’s blog post.

What are Alpha Packs?

It’s what loot boxes are called in Rainbow Six Siege. Developers are always on the lookout for hooks to keep players playing. And the popular avenue these days is loot boxes. Alpha Packs will include a whole bunch of past cosmetic items and a chance to grab “exclusive Legendary tier items that you will only be able to get in Alpha Packs,” according to the developers.

I’m all for ways for players to earn cosmetic items. The items earned in these crates won’t influence gameplay. There won’t be more powerful guns or better armor here. Just more color on your guns, custom headgear, stuff like that.

So, what is coming in update 2.1.1?

Besides teasing Alpha Packs, today’s update is fixing several bugs tied to Hibana’s gadget, the X-KAIROS launcher. This includes fixes for the pellets not exploding, not displaying properly, lingering visual effects after exploding, and more.

The map Kanal is also getting some attention after a controversial design decision was implemented in update 2.1. The window in the Control Room was buttoned up as a way to address spawn killing. But the change also limited the options for Defenders in the Control Room.

Today’s update reopens the window, but also adds a new piece of cover to help Attackers. Here’s how it looks now.

Kanal window opened

The spawn location was also slightly moved.

kanal spawn location changed

The map Coastline was also updated to fix some walls that were not reacting to destruction correctly.

Today’s update doesn’t include Alpha Packs, but they should be here shortly. Keep an eye out for next week’s developer blog post about them. I’ll also keep this post updated as we hear specific dates for each platform.

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