Rainbow Six Siege Devs are Calming Down the Absurd Outside Lighting

Rainbow Six Siege lighting

One of my biggest pet peeves about Rainbow Six Siege is finally getting fixed. Say you’re playing on Defense and want to bust a window to look outside. Only to be greeted by a blinding light. Did the sun just go supernova? It sure looks like it. Ubisoft has heard the complaints related to the lighting system and is going over every map to fix it.

And the weird lighting went both ways. Here’s a before/after from the inside looking out.

siege lighting inside

And from the outside looking in.

siege lighting outside

Why so long for a fix? The devs address that in this week’s blog post. It all centers around the procedural destruction that helps make Siege one of the best shooters out there. The lighting system has to work all the time. No matter how players chew through the walls and windows of each map. Dynamic and static lighting works in tandem with several post-effects to create just the right atmosphere the devs are going for in each match.

The important thing is, “the bloom issues are now a thing of the past,” according to the devs.

All 15 maps are getting the new lighting effects.

The lighting fix isn’t the only news coming from the devs. They’re also going through and reworking the textures across all the maps. The changes will be subtle and help deliver a more atmospheric look. Here’s one before/after example.

siege texture changes

Sky boxes are also getting a little love. Again, the effect is subtle but looks a lot better.

siege skybox changes

These aren’t the only changes coming to Siege. Ubisoft teases the blog post announcing them as part of a three-part series diving into data clean-up and optimization for Rainbow Six Siege.

As for a release date? The texture reworking will start hitting live servers in Year 2 Season 3 with changes to the Kafe Dostoyevsky map. That should hit sometime between August – October according to Siege’s updated Year 2 roadmap. Updates to the other 14 maps will trickle in over the next year.

It’s not as clear on the other additions like the new lighting and skyboxes. Is this a map-by-map update across the board? Or will lighting and skyboxes hit quicker? I’ll update this post as we find out more.

Bottom line? Look for a lot of updates on maps coming over the next 12 months. In the next blog post, the devs will talk about their plans for Operators.

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