Rainbow Six Siege Goes E-Sports
RB6 Siege breach

I was wondering when Ubisoft was going to come around. We all knew it was going to happen at some point. Siege creative director says it best. “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege was built from the ground up with competition in mind.” That it was. And it’s fun as hell too.

Somehow Siege became my go to multiplayer shooter. Not Halo 5. Not Call of Duty. Not Battlefront. The weird thing is, I didn’t like the beta before release. But people kept saying they fixed many of the issues, so I finally jumped on board. I’m glad I did. It brings the frenetic action of every other console shooter to a screeching halt and ratchets up the tension. And I love it.

RB6 Siege lining up

Do you have a group of five that play consistently? Ubisoft is partnering with Xbox and ESL for the Rainbow Six Pro League. Competition kicks off next Sunday (Feb. 7) in weekly online competitions dubbed ‘Go4R6.’ Xbox One and PC players in North America and Europe can compete in the weekly competitions.

Each week, $100 will be awarded to the best team per region, per platform. During the monthly Go4R6 final, $500 will be split among the top teams in each region and platform. On February 22, the top teams on European and North American servers will have the chance to play in the Pro League.

Rainbow Six Siege Pro League

Starting in March, the top eight teams from North America and Europe on Xbox One and PC will be invited to face off in a multi-week tournament season. The top two teams from each region and platform will then be invited to travel and compete at the Season Finals to win their share of $100,000.

How do you get started? Head on over to ESL Gaming and sign your team up for the four Go4R6 competitions.

Pro League kicks off on March 4th at the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship in Katowice, Poland. European PC players will play the first of many Pro League matches.

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