Here’s proof Idris Elba makes everything better. Ubisoft got Elba to help out with marketing with a Rainbow Six Siege live action TV spot.

Ok, that’s a badass trailer. What about the game? How do five days of open beta sound? An open beta will run from November 25 through November 29. The release date is just a couple of days later on December 1. Man, Ubisoft is feeling confident with Rainbow Six Siege.

The open beta

On the fence about Rainbow Six Siege? The open beta will give you plenty to play. 14 operators are playable including the other three Russian Spetsnaz operators.

Loved Fuze in the closed beta? He won’t be coming back until launch.

Three modes will be played across three maps with day/night variations. PvP fans can battle it across Ranked and Unranked matches of TDM – Secure Area (fighting over room control) or TDM – Bomb (defending/defusing bomb locations). Or you can join a few friends and take on AI in Terrorist Hunt.

The three maps are Hereford Base, House and Kanal Industrial Harbor. Hereford and House are returning from the closed beta. Kanal is the newcomer. Ubisoft highlighted the map in their Gamescom trailer below.

Ubisoft knows that Rainbow Six Siege might be a tougher sell since it focuses heavily on the multiplayer side of things. If you’re looking for a shooter that leans tactical, give Siege’s open beta a shot.

What’s changed from closed beta to open beta

Ubisoft is listening to the fans and making adjustments. One of the biggest complaints from the beta? Shield operators. Ubisoft’s stats back it up.

“During the Closed Beta, players above clearance level 20+ had a kill-death ratio of 1.96 while playing shield operators, and 1.31 without. We also saw this pattern in the win-loss ratio,” the developer recently wrote in a dev post.

The fix? Ubisoft is looking at reduced hip fire accuracy.

– Laser sight bonus reduction will decrease the efficiency of hip firing.
– Dispersion increased by 2.5x while hip firing with a shield equipped.
– Dispersion further increased up to 5x while taking fire on the shield.

Ubisoft intended shield operators to play a support role, not an aggressive one. They are meant to push forward while other operators fire from behind them. We’ll see how good the fixes are once we dive into the open beta.

Another area I’m glad to see Ubisoft address is the downtime between rounds. There was just way too much sitting around doing nothing. The developers reduced the downtime between rounds by about 30 seconds. End-of-round reports have been removed and can now be seen from the Operator selection screen. In unranked matches, objective and insertion point voting has been removed. They will be random instead.

I’m interested in ranked matches. Besides voting on spawn/objective locations, ranked matches also use a minimal HUD setting. That means no scoring, grenade, threat or reload indicators. Kill confirmation markers are gone and so are teammate outlines. Hell, this is how the whole game should be.

There’s a lot more Ubisoft addressed following the closed beta. But those are the big ones for me. Check out the rest of the post to see how Ubisoft is adjusting Terrorist Hunt and more.

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