Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass Revealed

Rainbow Six Siege season pass

Yes, Rainbow Six Siege will have a season pass. And yes, DLC maps are still free. So, why have a season pass when map DLC is free? C’mon do we need to ask? Ubisoft wants to make money.

Ok, let’s break down what’s free and what’s on the season pass.


8 new operators.
New maps.
New modes.
New challenges.
Community focused events.

I like this new focus on free DLC from big publishers. But not even Ubisoft can shake their old ways.

Season Pass ($30)

One week early access to the 8 new operators.
The new operators also instantly unlock. No Renown (in-game currency) required.
Exclusive VIP skin.
Permanent Renown Boost. (looks like its 5% according to other websites)
Safari Bundle (more weapon skins).
Extra daily challenges to earn more Renown.

Ubisoft, you just couldn’t help yourself. Nothing like a little mobile gaming monetization coming over to consoles. Need that Operator just a little quicker? Pick up the Season Pass. Ubisoft had the positive press with free maps, and then they go and do this.

Didn’t play the beta? Here’s the problem. Renown is used to unlock Operators and attachments. Season Pass owners get two ways to earn more Renown. The boost and the daily challenges. Plus new operators are instantly unlocked. Season Pass owners will have more Operators and more attachments quicker than everyone else.

I don’t understand who would even buy this. It feels like Ubisoft just has to have a season pass and threw something quick together.

In the grand scheme of things, a 5% boost isn’t much. But it’s the concept. You’re paying $60 for a multiplayer game. You shouldn’t even have to worry about boosts.

What do you think of Rainbow Six Siege’s season pass? Don’t care? Think it’s ridiculous? Let me know in the comments.

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