Rainbow Six Siege Getting a Second Season Pass? I Would be Shocked if it Didn’t

Rainbow Six Siege Sledge

Rainbow Six Siege might be getting a second season pass. That’s the word according to a leaked survey on Reddit. A portion of the survey mentions possible perks for a “future Season Pass.” They include uniforms, skins and other customizable items.

Any potential future Season Pass will likely include new operators.

I can’t think of a precedent for a second Season Pass, but Ubisoft has left open the possibility from day one. Let’s take a look at when Ubisoft detailed the Season Pass. Three weeks before the game’s release, an article detailed what was coming in the Season Pass. Here’s the important part:

“The Season Pass year-long premium membership includes:”

“Year-long” is the key phrase. Maybe it was a typo in the article. Those things happen. Let’s take a look at the trailer accompanying the article.

Again, Year One. At this point, I would be shocked if Ubisoft didn’t release another Season Pass. And, if you’re wondering about long-term support – the developers have been planning it from the start.

“The development team is dedicated to making Rainbow Six Siege incredible for years to come,” says the narrator in the trailer above.

Rainbow Six Siege’s success pretty much guarantees another Season Pass. The game is a permanent fixture in the Most Played Games on Xbox One. And often sits ahead of Blizzard’s powerhouse, Overwatch.

Rainbow Six Siege deserves every bit of success it’s getting and more. Haven’t played it? Change that. You are missing out on one of the best shooters in years. Not even Battlefield 1 can keep me away from Siege for too long.

Rainbow Six Siege released on December 1, 2015. Keep an eye on the first of December if Ubisoft does opt to launch a second Season Pass.

Would you buy a second Season Pass for Rainbow Six Siege?

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