Ubisoft released a new trailer today basking in the E3 awards it won for Rainbow Six Siege. The footage looks like it’s from the E3 demo, so nothing really new here.

Several press outlets loved what they saw from Rainbow Six Siege including IGN, PC Gamer and GameTrailers.

The footage looks impressive especially the destructible environments. Here’s the E3 footage if you missed it.

Livestream Tomorrow: At the end of the trailer above, Ubisoft teases a Twitch stream starting Thursday at 11 AM PDT. Here’s the link to Ubisoft’s Twitch page or you can watch it below.

I just want to see a new shooter that isn’t bogged down by perks or an absurd unlock system.

What would you like to see from Rainbow Six Siege?

Watch live video from Ubisoft on www.twitch.tv


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