I’m not the tinfoil hat type, but when an off the assembly line Land Rover shrugs off hand grenades, it makes you wonder.

Wave to the Range Rover Sentinel. No, don’t make eye contact. It’s $615,000 of maybe you should think about dialing two guys and truck. I’m not saying it’s a bad neighborhood, but when your car can shrug off a contingent of ISIS fighters, it might be time to move.

For those customers not wanting to wait for third parties to up-armor their SUV, Land Rover is offering the Range Rover Sentinel built on the same wheelbase as the Range Rover Autobiography.

Hand built at the company’s Oxford Road facility, it is the work of Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations Division. It offers protection up to the VR8 standard. If you were bored, you could empty an AK-47 with incendiary rounds into the side of the vehicle. It wouldn’t buff out, but you could still drive it.

In addition to shrugging off assault weapons, the Range Rover Sentinel can withstand the explosive force of a DM51 grenade rolled under the SUV.

What does that look like? Here’s a test from Sarkar Defence against two grenades:

John Edwards, managing director of Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations, commented on the new addition to the Range Rover family.

“The new Range Rover Sentinel is one of the most extraordinary Range Rovers ever produced. It has been expertly engineered by Special Vehicle Operations to provide class-leading levels of protection to occupants against extreme attack, while retaining the Range Rover’s luxury and refinement with off-road capability.”

For $615,000, you keep all the luxury of a Land Rover with the added armor. Additional features include run-flat tires, a self-sealing fuel tank, a rear escape hatch, anti-tamper exhaust and an auxiliary battery.

You can add a loudspeaker if you think talk therapy with your attackers is a plausible scenario. Then again, they just tossed a damn grenade under your car. Your call, but I’d think it would be time to head elsewhere.

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