Wait, no washed up pop star or ancient action star? No on both counts. Not that I would have personally complained if Kate Upton was playing chess. Just please, no Arnold screaming Bishop takes Knight. Instead, Raw Studios is taking the chess and making it truly mobile. Don’t worry about the App Store or Google Play. You won’t even need a screen.

The studio specializes in unique pieces of furniture and accessories, but the highest compliment is always paid to Nick Rawcliffe’s chess set.

“This is the piece that other designers approach me saying “Man, I wish I’d thought of that!” I take that as the highest compliment. This chess set has quickly established itself as one of our classic designs. We always take a chess set with us when we travel, and this inspired me to create one with interlocking pieces around a rollable board that is luxurious to the touch and packs away easily in hand luggage.”

With good reason Nick. The set is gorgeous. Each piece is heat treated and hand polished stainless steel made in England. The leather mat is sewn by Stella Soomlais. The box? Preservation grade by third generation box makers in London.

The rollable mat allows the chess pieces to be slid over the top making it ultra-portable. And one hell of a conversation piece.

Pricing is set at £395 or around $600USD. It’s not cheap, but neither is a Game of War / Clash of Clans habit. Which one is going to last generations? Exactly. Pictures tell the story of the set. Those looking to buy can get in touch with Raw Studio.

Chess set from England-based Raw Studio

Rolled up chess set from Raw Studio

Up close of chess pieces from Raw Studio

Raw studio chess set pieces


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