Feelin’ a little thunder keyish? Hey, it happens. And it drives Alex completely nuts when he’s next to me when I type. Razer feels our need to thunder key out on an iPad Pro with its mechanical keyboard case for the iPad Pro.

Apologies to the folks that bought the 9.7-inch model. You’re out of luck for now. Razer is focusing on the 12.9 inch iPad Pro and adds a metal kickstand so you can get some serious Netflix – I mean work done. Right.. Work…

If you’re a gamer, you already know the benefits of a mechanical keyboard. The switches immediately give you the feedback you need. Older computer users remember the feel of the keyboards of yesterday. Nothing like beating out your frustrations on a keyboard.

metal kickstand Razer iPad Pro case

Touchscreens? Button tapping the hell out of a screen doesn’t have the same catharsis that Razer is offering.

Razer Gets Low…

With its new ultra-low-profile mechanical switch. Marketing got bored. Each key offers a precise actuation and reset point. No more blaming the keyboard for our lack of typing skills. Hell, I’m still blaming the keyboard.

Each keystroke requires 70g of force. It replicates the feel of a true mechanical keyboard, but you can haul it around with the iPad Pro.

Where are the Games, Razer?

Yeah, I know. Razer is known for their gaming peripherals, and they haul off and throw a curveball at us. The Razer Mechanical iPad Pro case is for general productivity and letting the person next to you know that you’re not watching Netflix.

Battery life on the case is a ‘depends on how you use it.’ With Bluetooth connectivity and back-lit keys, you can type for around 10 hours per charge. Turn off the backlit keys and the ten hours stretches to 600 hours.

Razer iPad mechanical keyboard

No games, unless you’re walking around with a tablet playing Pokemon Go. Not judging, but come on. Don’t do that.

Razer’s iPad Pro Mechanical Keyboard pulls double duty as a protective case for the tablet. It’s not meant for us to test the limits, but it can handle the random case of the drops afflicting us all.

Price? $170 and ships July 22. Head over to Razer’s shop and grab yours today. Now, we need one for the more manageable 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

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