What happens when a Boston Dynamics robot ‘dog’ meets a real dog? C’mon, it’s the age of the internet, of course someone would shoot a video.

Looks like the Robot Wars reboot might have a new challenger. I don’t blame that dog for going crazy at the robotic dog. One of my border collies would do one of two things. Either herd it until the robot collapses (seriously, Lightning lives up to the Border Collie name. He can run all day and then some), or run to the back door of my house and rip the door down trying to get in. Knowing him, probably the latter.

lightning vs ups

Lightning would probably run

Boston Dynamics’ robot was initially designed to be used by the U.S. military, but that didn’t pan out because it was too loud and needed humans too much for active military duty. Now, it’s regulated to pestering real dogs.

Oh, and being tipped over.

Atlas moves on to more humanoid robots

You think the robot dog is crazy? Meet the future of moving companies.

The progress being made in robotics is astounding. Today we’re watching a viral video of a real dog barking at a robotic one. Tomorrow we might be living in a real-life version of I, Robot. Hopefully, without them turning against us.

Let’s ease up with knocking boxes out of robots’ hands or tipping them over once they have AIs in them. Kidding aside, Boston Dynamics is doing amazing work. And if it means I don’t have to move boxes around, I’m all for robots.

What would your pet do if it saw a robot marching around?

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