At this point, auto manufacturers are recalling more vehicles than they are selling. Maybe we need a cash for new cars program? These are definitely turning out to be clunkers. The newest recall wave? Chrysler SUVs. Fan favorite Jeep Grand Cherokees are leading the way in the 895,000 recalled SUVs.

The cause behind this recall? Bad wiring in the vanity mirror may pose a fire risk. The other model included in the recall is the Dodge Durango. Chrysler released a statement saying that the sun visor screw could penetrate the wire for the vanity light. If it did occur, a fire could develop. That would make for an interesting commute.

Federal regulators started their investigation in 2013 after receiving multiple complaints about fires near the vanity mirror, This year it was upgraded to an engineering analysis after complaints morphed into 38 reports of fires and three injuries. Most of the fires were minor, but some were more intense resulting in damage to the front area of the vehicle.

Chrysler initially balked at the idea of a recall, saying the problem was minor and extremely limited. Federal regulators pushed on the issue, and today you have the recall.

It’s not the only recall action taking place today. Ford is investigating if a rust shield could jam the steering shaft on 500,000 vehicles. Honda is on the recall trail with 14,000 Acura ILX and ILX Hybrids being recalled. GM, who seems intent on recalling everything, is now recalling 29,000 Saab 9-3 convertibles.

For new car commercials, they should tell us the ones that aren’t death traps with wheels. Show me the carfax? Hell, show me a car that is built correctly.


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