Ok, it’s technically not an Audi commercial, but Red Bull’s 8 Disciplines of Flight Over Moab is the coolest thing you’ll see today. It combines the precision driving in an Audi RS 7 and enough aerobatics in the air to make anyone reach for the Xanax.

If someone pushed me out of the helicopter, I know that’s one hell of a rush. My issue is jumping from a perfectly good chopper.

As for Kirby Chambliss, the aerobatic plane pilot? You’re equal parts awesome and insane. I get dizzy just watching him. It all looks crazy, but the Red Bull Air Force insists the Moab venture was safe.

“When we first started developing the idea, knowing that so many firsts were going to happen in combining all these disciplines to work together, my biggest concern was how to do it safely.”

Red Bull Air Force in Moab

“We took a lot of measures to make sure we went into it as safely as possible. Obviously, our sport is a bit high-risk, but if you check all the things off your list, you can mitigate that risk and actually make it quite safe.”

Oh, I’m sure it is safe when it takes six months of planning, and the people taking part are the titans of their respective sports.

The high-speed skydivers in the video were Jeff Provenzano and Luke Aikins. Red Bull’s wingsuit pilots included Andy Farrington, Mike Swanson and Jon Devore. BASE jumping the Fisher Towers in Moab were Miles Daisher and Charles Bryan. An interesting footnote to the event was Daisher had just completed his 4,000th BASE jump in the area.

Let that sink in. 4,000 jumps.

In the Audi RS 7, which I officially now want one, was Rhys Millen behind the wheel and Sean MacCormac doing the coordination over the radio.

Curious about the data being displayed onscreen? That is all courtesy of the Garmin Virb XE action camera. That needs to make its way into GoPros and drones quickly.

Badass fellas. I would love to do it, but while my heart says ‘hell yes,’ my mind is an unequivocal ‘hell no.’

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