Yeah, that’s not just a red image. Few developers can get the gaming community buzzing with one image. Rockstar Games is one of them. This morning, the folks behind Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis began teasing a new entry in the Red Dead franchise. It began with a wordless tweet.

“It’s just a tweet,” you might say. True. Let’s take a look at the Rockstar Newswire. Ok, something related to Red Dead is about to go down.

UPDATE 10/17: Second image released this morning. Yep, a new Red Dead is coming.

And for Rockstar, it’ll be the first game announcement in nearly five years. The printing press known as GTA V was first unveiled nearly five years ago.

Remaster or new entry?

Red Dead tease

I’m going with a new entry. It’s been five years since Rockstar’s last game announcement. Six years since the release of Red Dead Redemption. Rockstar didn’t wait this long just to give the old game a facelift. Plus, Red Dead Redemption is playable on Xbox One now via backward compatibility.

I wouldn’t complain if it was a remaster (ok, maybe a little), but I just don’t see Rockstar starting the hype train only to deliver a game most of us have already played.

Now, we wait to see when Rockstar officially announces Red Dead Redemption. I’m crossing my fingers for a Fallout 4 situation. Reveal in the next few weeks with a release date in May. Wishful thinking? Maybe. Maybe not.

Here’s what we can assume. Rockstar is going to take what they did with GTA Online and incorporate it into the next Red Dead entry. These tweets explain why.

Rockstar is killing it with the “games as a service” model. A bummer for people looking for story DLC, but great for those who love multiplayer/co-op mayhem. GTA V routinely sits at the top of the most played games on all platforms. It sits at #3 on Xbox One and usually camps out at the #5 spot on Steam with nearly 70,000 peak players (concurrent) every day.

We’ll see when Rockstar decides to make the Red Dead announcement completely official. I’d wager on it happening pretty soon. Rockstar doesn’t need a flashy event to make a splash. A red image on Twitter already did that.

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