Looking for that retirement Airstream? Reddit u/Sheppsl creates the coolest travel trailer you have ever seen. In a post on the MaleLifeStlye subreddit, he shows off an imgur gallery of his airstream conversion creations.

Most are conversions of older models, so the majority of the cost goes into refurbishing the neglect the previous owners did to the trailer. Specializing in the 1950s-1970s era, you will be the talk of the RV park if you pull up in one of these. Or, it would make the ultimate tailgate ride.

Costs range from $40k -$100k. Over 800 man hours goes into polishing and weatherproofing the trailer back up to its original luster. Then come the options. The user shows off two options, a grill concept and one dubbed the Hamptons Shore model.

Yes, it comes with a Herman Miller Eames lounge chair, WiFi, heated floors and a Tempurpedic mattress. If you are going to hit the wilderness, do it in style.

Those looking to try before they buy should look into North Carolina company Basecamp Luxe. They rent two of his custom architect series trailers to film production companies. The rest are made-to-order.

airstream conversion

airstream conversion

airstream conversion

airstream conversion

I want one.


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