You get a breadstick. You get a breadstick. Everyone gets a breadstick. And a shiny new logo? That’s Olive Garden’s plan to reinvent itself into something relevant again. Those endless pasta bowls were just not enough.

Same-store sales have been slipping at the Italian-eatery, but not to the extent of its sibling, Red Lobster. Darden is offloading that unit to a private equity firm. If you love cheddar biscuits, you better stock up. Private equity normally means it is heading for the garbage bin.

So, what else is Olive Garden giving us besides a new logo? Well, there’s officially an app for that. For us on-the-go people, you will be able to use the restaurant’s online ordering system. Similar to what Applebees does, you order and park in the designated takeout spot. I’m assuming you live really close to an Olive Garden for this to be handy. A 30-minute drive home with a pasta dish just doesn’t sound right.

Olive Garden isn’t stopping at the logo and app. 75 stores are getting a redesign this year. Knocking down walls and opening up the restaurant, while maintaining its family atmosphere. You have to hand it to them, the design does look better than old restaurants. Someone at the company finally found the right channel number for HGTV.

Jay Spenchian, the executive VP of marketing at Olive Garden released a statement. “As we continue to update our brand experience, we needed to send a strong signal to our guests that there’s something new and exciting at Olive Garden. Our new remodel design, web experience and logo are designed to do just that.”

In addition to the knocked down walls so you can do a count of exactly how many breadsticks that guy three tables over is downing, you all get new, all-white plates.

The new look to Olive Garden follows on the heels of the revamped menu debuted in February. Over 20 new items were added at the time. The online ordering is available on its website or via the Olive Garden app.

Rollout of the ordering feature starts with the United States, and will make its way to Canada by the end of the month. Breadsticks at home. Can’t beat that.


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