Skyrim on the go is cool and all, but Rogue Squadron? A day one purchase of the Nintendo Switch would only be solidified further. Eurogamer has a trio of unnamed sources telling them GameCube games will be playable on Nintendo Switch via its Virtual Console service.

A few games are already being tested and are working. Three of them are being worked on for Nintendo Switch – Luigi’s Mansion, Super Mario Sunshine and the still popular Super Smash Bros. Melee. Animal Crossing is also said to be in the testing phase.

Melee fans have to be pumped by today’s report. That game just celebrated its 15th year and is popularity is still going strong.

Before today’s report, Nintendo’s Virtual Console game included games from the NES to the N64. The Wii U offered Wii and 3DS games as well. Since Nintendo won’t feature physical backward compatibility for the Wii U, fans will turn to the Virtual Console to play classic favorites and modern Nintendo classics.

What Nintendo has in store for the future is understandably important, but the company’s past will play a vital role in it. Just look at the NES Classic Edition. 30 Classic NES games packed into a small plastic box with an absurdly short cord. And yet, it sold out everywhere at launch. Demand remains high for classic Nintendo games.

Backward compatibility is a huge feature for today’s hardware. What better way to grab old gamers than nostalgia. Microsoft makes Xbox 360 games playable regularly on the Xbox One. I’m still waiting on Ubisoft to get around to ‘turning that switch’ for its Ghost Recon franchise, but many fan favorite games have made their way to Xbox’s newest hardware.

Like I said above, Nintendo is already seeing success with NES Classic Edition. Making GameCube games playable on Switch won’t be a single selling point, but it sure as hell doesn’t hurt. Eternal Darkness, Rogue Squadron, Super Mario Sunshine plus Nintendo’s newest games? Even if third-party support peters out, the software library will still be solid. Especially if the older games get a slight boost from the Switch’s power.

Let’s assume Eurogamer’s report is accurate, what GameCube games do you want to play on the go?

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