Three space station occupants are back on Earth today. One American and two Russians touched down in Kazakhstan earlier today after spending more than five months aboard the International Space Station.

A Russian Soyuz capsule brought the three back to Earth, and everything went smooth according to NASA.

With NASA astronaut Steven Swanson and Russian crewmen Oleg Artemiev and Alexander Skvortsov back on Earth, the International Space Station crew is down to three.

Don’t worry Twittersphere, German astronaut Alexander Gerst is still on board snapping daily pictures of Earth. Gerst snapped a picture of the Soyuz capsule after it detached from the ISS on its way back home.

Alexander Gerst and his fellow crew members will get some more company later this month. On September 25th, three more astronauts will head to the ISS including Elena Serova, just the fourth Russian woman to fly in space.

How Americans will continue to get to the ISS will become a bit clearer this month. NASA is expected to announce which private companies will help ferry astronauts to the ISS. American astronauts should be taking off from the U.S. by the end of 2017.

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Image credit: Alexander Gerst


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