It’s not a giant leap to go luxury for a houseboat when you live in Alabama, but trust the Berlin-located Rev. They’ve gone nuts on a houseboat to the point where having a waterfront property is no longer enough.

The company has managed to turn a houseboat into a damn penthouse complete with a 1,076 sq ft roof terrace that begs to be jumped off. You can’t put something on the water and not want to cannonball off the thing.

Rev Houseboat

Rev Houseboat

If you’re thinking crazy pontoon boat, stop. The Rev House is everything you dreamed of on luxury real estate house listings and shoved into a houseboat. German engineering is apparent throughout as the team has managed to transform what is typically thought of a Spring Break party idea into a place you want to call your permanent home.

rev houseboat details rev houseboat exterior

Only your imagination limits what can be built into the Rev Houseboat. Heated floors? Sure. Walk-in closets? Check. Sauna? Not sure why on a houseboat, but go for it. The company’s craftsmanship affords them the opportunity to offer a 20-year warranty on the hull and superstructure.

Fireplaces can be installed. Solar and sewage systems are offered if you need to go off-the-grid. Protip on the zombie apocalypse? The luxury houseboat is a dead give away for their being supplies onboard.

Rev Houseboat bathroom rev-houseboat-kitchen

The Rev House is motorized, so you can explore waterways and change your address at will. No, you’re not going Deadliest Catch with it, but moving through the different rivers in Europe is easy.


Surprisingly, we actually get a number from the company. The pictures say ‘if you have to ask,’ but Rev offers the standard cost. 359,000 Euros. You deciding it needs a fireplace will cost extra.

And unfortunately, Rev doesn’t have an office in the US. That needs to be corrected. Trust me; the south needs some German styling when it comes to houseboats.

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