The GoPro shake. Almost as annoying as the Harlem Shake. Almost…

Unless you know what you’re doing in post-production, action cameras can be the bane of your existence. Yes, you can stabilize footage with a variety of plugins. And the Revel Arc will need some post work. But damn…

Anyone else tripped out by the jet boat pilot? Sure, the guy has done that dozens of times, but hell no. Does the Revl capture real time data when the boat slams into the rocks? Pretty sure the gimbal is screwed.

sensors on revl Arc action camera

Have to love the marketing with a group of friends watching the videos driving down the road. Safety first kids.

Revl Arc

A Y Combinator-backed Indiegogo campaign; the purported first stabilized action camera has already doubled its $50,000 goal with nearly two weeks left. A late round investment from Y Combinator has Revl assuring backers they will meet the holiday shipping deadline.

The selling point here is it is a stabilized action camera. Before, you had to rely on Yuneec handheld gimbals for your GoPro or go with a DJI Osmo. One glaring issue with both options. You instantly lose the ‘action’ tag the second you break either out.

Revl GoPro comparison

I’d love to take my Osmo into the water, but it’s not in the cards. Once you attach the GoPro to a Yuneec, the waterproofing is gone. So too is the shock resistance. Not that I’d ever recommend tossing the Osmo off a cliff, but it would be a nice feature.

Revl Goes Feature Rich

Imagine you wanted the best of individual action cameras rolled into one. That’s what Revl is setting out to do. The 4K and durability of a GoPro? Check. The sensors of a Garmin Virb? Done.

Stabilization is great, but drift is always a concern. In all the demos, the Revl Arc is remarkably adept at staying level. Toss it on a bike helmet and it handles trails with ease. The video above has it attached to the VW bus handling the auto leveling with ease. Yeah, I want that feature to be standard. Let me attach it to the front wheel of my car.

Stabilized action camera revl arc

Out of the box, the camera is shockproof and waterproof up to 10 feet without a case. That handles nearly every situation for tourists and enthusiasts.

The devil is in the details for shockproof. Is that a 10-foot ‘oops’ drop or an ‘oh shit’ you just wiped out drop?

Revl Arc action camera features

Video features include a 12MP sensor from Sony that can shoot 4K at 30fps. 1080p can hit 120fps and 720p can hit 240fps.

The onboard sensors work with the Revl App to edit and overlay the data into your final video. Altitude, g-forces and more will have the option of being edited into the final cut. The company is promising integration with third party sensors by release (an example is heart rate monitors).

Battery life is a promised 90 minutes with a removable/rechargeable battery.

Here are two more sample videos:

Revl Indiegogo

The campaign goal was set for $50,000, but it stands at over $112,000 today. Pricing for the campaign is at $399, a $100 discount from what will be the $499 MSRP. Need an extra battery? $25.

In the end, you want to see the camera in action. Yes, some will complain about bitrates, etc. It’s $400. If you want the best of the best, prepare to mortgage a house. Revl is trying to have the features of a decked out Red Camera. Instead, it’s a shot across the bow at GoPro.

Now, it needs to hit the December delivery date and launch commercially. Do that and it solves the biggest drawback to action cameras. Shaky footage. Action cameras need a revolution (at least some innovation), and maybe Revl is the company to do it.

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