Have a cyclist in your family? They are going to want to see this. The biggest problem with cycling is riding at night. You need lights, but how can you accomplish that without a ton of extra gear?

That’s where Revolights is stepping in with their Eclipse product line. The company is using crowdfunding (via Indiegogo) to light the way to a smarter bicycle. Not only smarter but safer for riders and drivers alike.

What is the Revolights Eclipse System?

Simply put, it’s a better lighting system for your bike. A legal headlight with the incorporation of a smart brake light. Each wheel is lined with two rings of LEDs – white up front and red in the back.

revolights indiegogo

The rings are attached to the wheel via four spoke clips. What about power? A USB-rechargeable battery snaps right into the rings. No more stringing cables to battery packs.

When attached, each wheel features 24 LEDs. Spaced equally, the rings have eight lit at all times. Thanks to a fork-mounted magnet and an accelerometer, the LEDs only illuminate with they are are in the correct orientation. You get the benefits of light without the annoying ring of light.

revolights eclpise system


The legal headlight steers away from the spotlight tradition. Your front wheel not only lights the ground in front of you but elevated objects like poorly lit street signs. The Eclipse system meets all the requirements to be recognized as a legal headlight in the U.S.

[divider]Brake Light[/divider]

With the onboard accelerometer tracking speed, the Revolights system knows when you hit the brakes, allowing the rear wheel to act as a brake light and alert any traffic behind you. The decrease in speed will make the rear wheel flash red rapidly to keep the cyclist and other traffic safer.

The Eclipse+

If you always wanted a connected light system, the Eclipse+ may be the pledge tier for you. It is Revolights answer to bringing everything together thanks to Bluetooth connectivity.

New features will become available, and the system will link directly to the Revolights App. New functionality will include turn signals, ride tracking, battery status, weather alerts and more.

revolights eclipse turn signals

The app will also allow you to remotely turn your lights on or off. Think of how we use keyless entry for our cars. How many of us use the unlock to light up our cars? I’ll admit I may have used it to figure out where I parked a time or two.

Revolights will act the same way. Forget to turn your lights off? You’ll have the app for that.

The Eclipse+ turn signals will work three ways. You can use the handlebar-mounted control pad, the app or gesture controls. Yeah, your smartwatch is getting one hell of a use. Think of the arm signals you use to turn during the day. Use them at night and the rear wheel will light up to display the direction you are turning.

Revolights Indiegogo

We know the drill with crowdfunding. Revolights has already met its goal of $26,000. With 27 days remaining in the campaign, it has raised just under $43,000.

How much for an Eclipse and when do you get it? Early bird specials are still available for $149 with the ship date in December.

What about the Eclipse+? Prepare to wait. June 2016 is the ship date, and the price is set at $239. Most of the waiting will be for the app push. There are features for days being packed into the app, and the company wants to have it done right before it releases.

Those seeing the lights and wondering if you can get a bike too? Of course, the San Francisco-based company is offering complete Eclipse+ packages. Revolights partnered with Pure Fix to offer a Coolidge or an Arroyo bike. Pricing is set at $599 and $649 respectively. Ship dates are the same as the standalone Eclipse+.

What Revolights is offering is safer streets for everyone. Avid cyclists can take comfort in that they are lighting up the road. Drivers aren’t going to miss the 16 LEDs tracking down the street. Safety mixed with a ton of style. A definite win-win for cyclists looking for their lighting answer.

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