The earphone. You curse their existence at some point. I know I have. My right ear might have the perfect fit, but the left one? Nah, forget it. Toss in Bluetooth and you sigh in acceptance the audio will be subpar.

Revols wants to change that. How? By trading in the generic shape for earbuds that mold to each ear. Your ears in particular. What is this magic?

The company puts it on a nanocomposite and unique design helping it pull off the feat.

Revols is promising in just 60 seconds the gel-like tips transform into their permanent hardened shape. With a smartphone app. I know I make jokes about there’s an app for that, but damn.

I’ll admit to being a bit uneasy about something in my ear molding in 60 seconds. Mainly due to a bad experience.

But, the time I had it done was here locally at an audiology center. To say the tech was having a crappy day would be an understatement. Plus, no one is coming at you with an injection gun and shoving it in your ear.

Maybe 10% uneasy and 90% intrigue. 60 seconds and I have personalized earphones? That’s badass.

How excited are people? The campaign was live for just hours before it ripped past the funding goal of $100,000. It is nearing $300,000 with 58 days to go. It has a lot of promise and a vast market of people who hate their current earphones.

Revols Can’t Stop

I mentioned Bluetooth above. Audiophiles cringe at the mere mention of Bluetooth audio, but Revols wants to head off any complaints. The company has partnered with Onkyo to deliver on a great listening experience.

Never heard of Onkyo? The Japanese company has been at the center of audio technology for 70 years. If you’re going to Kickstart Bluetooth earphone, it’s hard to think of a better partner.

Jason Sausto, a board director at Onkyo, lent his support to Revols.

onkyo and revols

The Bluetooth audio worry? Hopefully unlocked. I’ll admit to trying to use Bluetooth earphones meant for fitness for Netflix. That counts as exercising something, right?

Which brings us to battery life. The bane of wireless devices everywhere. Each Revols promises eight hours of battery life. Not bad, but call me demanding Revols. What else do you have?

I must be weird because the next feature has me just as excited as having earphones that fit. Revols Revive. A small battery pack that fits on the earphone wire for an extra six hours of listening.

revols revive

The audio could be run of the mill and the molds just serviceable. I’d still want the damn things over a clip-on battery pack.


Someone watched a Beats commercial. Perfect fit isn’t enough customization. No, bust open the crayon box. Name your color and I think Revols offers it. The sport skins aren’t just for looks; they help protect the earphones from normal wear and tear.

revols color

What about those of us that might wrap the earphone wires around our ear? Revols hears us, and it features a rotating bezel. Hook or hang. It’s our choice.

The molds also detach. A friend or family member will see these and demand to try them. You can detach your mold and use the extra. Now they can ‘borrow’ them and have the same custom fit.

What about other features? Passive noise isolation is there. Hands-free calling if you’re the type that still talks to people. Volume and playback control. Oh, what OS does it support? How does iOS, Android and Microsoft suit you.?

Wait… A company is supporting Microsoft? With an app? I don’t think I’ve ever written those words.

Revols Kickstarter

You know the drill. The campaign still has two months left. That makes the ship date of June 2016 not as bad. We will get a chance to see Revols in action at CES.

Pricing? A Kickstarter special of $199 is available. Are you the monogram type? You can have your initials etched on the carry case for $249. Know your family will swipe these from you immediately? A five-pack is available for $879.

There are a lot of promises in the campaign, but an equal amount of expertise. The company will have a booth at CES. People will get to see them in action. Head over to the company’s campaign page to learn more.

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