Don’t let the name fool you. Jim and Mike Ring (RingBrothers) have taken the classic Ford Mustang to new heights with zero cloak and dagger. The 1965 Mustang Espionage is billed as the duo’s most ambitious project ever.

With good reason. A 1965 Mustang Fastback transformed into an all-carbon fiber widebody beauty. Would it make James Bond jealous? Hell, John Wick would show him how to drive classic, American muscle.

Where it earns the name ‘Espionage’ is the disguising of the carbon fiber work with a custom BASF paint (Spy Green) applied to the body. The result is a custom build that stole the show at the 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

ford mustanf espionage

Yep, I want one.

Powering the 1965 Mustang Espionage

Carbon fiber body not enough? Good, because it’s what’s under the hood that will get you out of every tight spot. Gorgeous ride means one hell of an engine. Partnering with Wegner Motorsports, the ’65 Mustang enjoys a 427 cubic inch LS7 paired with a Whipple supercharger.

1965 Mustang Espionage

Horsepower tops out at 959HP with 858 ft-lb of torque. You better be a damn spy to get out of the speeding tickets the car has written all over it. Letting the neighbors know you have a monster is a fully custom exhaust built especially for the Espionage complete with Flowmaster Supper 44 Mufflers.

What about stopping? Custom 14-inch Baer discs with 6S calipers were installed on the build.

Price? Oh, it’s definitely in the realm of ‘if you have to ask.’ Ringbrothers does list out a complete build sheet on the parts used to complete the 1965 Mustang Espionage. It’s to show off, but you know the team at Ringbrothers took it out a time or two for the hell of it.

interior of 1965 Mustang Espionage

No way anyone builds something that gorgeous and lets it sit in the garage. That would be a crime, and besides, someone has to make sure the Whipple supercharger pairs up nicely with the LS7.

Let us all dream of the day when we get tossed the keys to a car like this.

Image credits: Ringbrothers

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