RIP Voicemail? Apple Taps Siri to Help With Ignored Messages
voicemail feature coming to siri

Go ahead and admit it. You ignore the hell out of voicemails. I do it too. Apple is looking to kill off the voicemail for good by using Siri. Hey, an actual use for Siri. I just hope it’s better than Google Voice. Reading those transcriptions is interesting…

Now you’re wondering if the voicemail feature is in iOS 9? That would be a no. The feature, if confirmed, will release on iOS 10 in 2016. It would coincide with the iPhone 7.

What makes the voicemail-killing feature so compelling? We hate a stacked message inbox. A 2012 Pew Research report showed most customers prefer texts to phone conversations. Note the report was in 2012. It’s even more of a preference now.

When my mom and dad found the emoji button on the iPhone, it was a nonstop text-a-thon of cats, sunglasses, food and sleep emojis. Enabling voicemails to be transcribed? Yeah, sign us up.

siri voicemail transcription feature in iOS 10

I can read faster than the person mumbling on the phone for two minutes. Dinner? When and where? All of it in a text message. It will make my life easier, and I don’t have to talk to anyone. My transition to a complete introvert is nearly complete.

Thanks, Siri.

There’s zero confirmation on this from Apple, but that’s not unusual. iOS 9 hasn’t even released into the wild. The company isn’t about to talk up iOS 10 features when there is a public beta for iOS 9 still ongoing.

What do you think? Do you want a voicemail killing feature on your phone? I’m on the side of reading the transcript.

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