Want to impress with latte art, but your coffee barista skills are lacking? Don’t stress it. If someone asked me to put down anything resembling art on an espresso, they are officially out of luck.

Enter Ripple Maker. Developed by Steam, the device turns ordinary coffee into an experience. It’s also the best damn easy button you’ve ever seen for coffee art. How easy? Even I couldn’t screw up these instructions:

Make your foam-topped coffee however you choose. Put the cup on the Ripple Maker, select the image from the library and push a button. The Ripple Maker prints in seconds.

You like that Starbucks?

Ripple Maker Features

First, the device is made for coffee shops versus our kitchen counters. Steam? You need to change that. You can’t make something badass and not give me the option of buying it too.

Ripple Maker latte art maker

Technically, I could buy one for $1,300, but the pod service is done monthly and caters to the number of customers a coffee shop has. Or, convince your boss that you need one for the office. Hey, I am the boss…

The bronze plan fits small shops and offices and offers up 1,000 Ripples per month. Silver gets you 2,000, and Gold will have you slinging 5,000 Ripples per month. The little lie you tell customers it was you doing it by hand? I won’t say anything.


Each device can handle cups up to 7 inches high and 4.6 inches wide. Unless you’re tossing a thermos down, you should be good. WiFi is built-in, so it’s ready to rock when you are. Need an app? Of course, you do. What self-respecting latte art maker doesn’t have an app?

Ripple is no different with an iOS app that allows you to create a Ripple, pick images or upload your own. Check those dirty minds people…

The barista app is connected via the LCD touchscreen. New employee? Instant coffee artist at the push of a button.

Ripple Maker Pods

Designs for days, but how does it all work? The Ripple Pod contains a mix of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Each pod can create around 1,000 Ripples. It depends on how nutty you get. Simple text designs will stretch the number. Want to put the art degree to use? It’ll push the number closer to the 1000 mark.

Own a coffee shop but suck at art? Orders are being processed in both the United States and Canada. International customers can fill out the company’s purchase form and get on the waitlist.

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