It’s the trick that defined Freestyle Motocross. The backflip. Road to the Unthinkable tells the story of the backflip and the insane personalities behind the trick. From Carey Hart performing the first competitive backflip in 2000 to Travis Pastrana nailing a double backflip at the X Games in 2006 to Josh Sheehan landing the world’s first triple backflip.

These guys put it all on the line to entertain us and push their sport to new heights.

Here’s how Sal Masekela describes the daunting triple backflip:

“There’s only two outcomes. Roll away on two wheels. Or roll away on four wheels to the hospital.”

Pastrana’s quest for the triple backflip was cut short. One concussion would give anyone pause over this trick. Pastrana suffered six. Yeah, I would pass the torch to someone else too. The new torch bearer would be Josh Sheehan. It wouldn’t be easy, but Sheehan made history earlier this year when he stuck the triple backflip landing.

You can catch all of this insane backflip action and the stories behind each one when Road To The Unthinkable: The Quest for the First Motorcycle Backflip airs on Saturday, Sept. 12 at 11:30 p.m. ET / 8:30 p.m. PT on NBCSN. It will air following the NASCAR race so you may want to adjust your DVR just in case.

Nitro Circus Tour

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The awesome folks at Nitro Circus don’t rest much. They will be in Philadelphia on October 9 and Boston on October 11. Canadian fans can catch three shows between October 28 and November 1. Check out their tour dates to see when Nitro Circus is coming to a city near you.


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