Harley Davidson has finally let the motorcycles out of the bag. The 2015 line has been introduced, and it’s a shift for the company. Those smaller riders that have issues with the current model slate are being looked after this model year.

The new models will be lighter and sit lower. This not only helps Harley go after smaller stature riders, it also appeals to women. A new variation of the Electra Glide is being put into production. It has a seat height of 25.6 inches, knocking nearly two inches off the previous model.

Other features have been added to appeal to the new market segment. Smaller handgrips reduce finger reach to the brake and clutch levers. A brand new handlebar design brings them two inches closer to the rider.

The push for smaller motorcycles isn’t just for the U.S. market. Harley Davidson is looking overseas. Motorcycle models are being built with India and China in mind.

With the Ultra Classic Low, Harley also rolled out a refresh of the Road Glide. New CVO Street Glides and Road Glide Ultras will be on the showroom floor. The Freewheeler Trike is also getting a model refresh.

For those of you looking for your next Harley, the company seems to have a model for everyone. If you’re smaller, you get to enjoy the trademark roar on the open road. Trike fan? It also gets a model refresh. Harley Davidson is pushing new models to ensure its spot as a household name for motorcycles.

See the full model lineup and details at Harley’s official site.


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