Now Skynet is taking over drumming duties. What the hell, Georgia Tech? Kidding aside, the technology is damn cool. We’ve all seen the drum solos where the drummer looks like they must have three arms. It’s insane.

Or in the case of Halestorm, the guy kicks the drum. And this is a fantastic reason to post a video of the group fronted by Lzzy Hale.

What? It’s more entertaining than the Georgia Tech video, and I swear there is a drummer in it somewhere. Back to the technology. The ‘third limb’ acts a smart arm, keeping up with both the rhythm and the pressure needed for each strike on both the cymbals and drums.

robotic arm at GA Tech used for dumming

“The third arm provides a much richer and more creative experience, allowing the human to play many drums simultaneously with virtuosity and sophistication that are not otherwise possible,” says Georgia Tech professor and project leader Gil Weinberg.

Ok, it’s not the most fashionable contraption in the world, but it works. Poach a few Apple designers and you can make some serious money. Imagine playing Rock Band with this.

Robotic Arm Drummer

The team at Georgia Tech combined accelerometers and motors to keep the robotic arm in position and on the right beat. The movements were programmed via motion capturing to give it human-like ability. Sure, it’s not the best-looking robotic arm in the world, but progress first, aesthetics second.

What’s next? Not using a stock program to play alongside the drummer. The team is taking on the challenge of making the robot arm work via the drummer’s brain patterns. Well, Metallica has something else to be pissed about. Imagine that…

drummer robotic arm research team

The future of the technology isn’t music. It provides the medium for in-depth testing and refining. Weinberg envisions the leap into medical and other technical fields. Watching a drummer with three arms is fun, but offering a surgical team an extra set of hands is vital.

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