Rocket League’s Long Awaited Cross-Platform Party System Is Almost Here

We can already play Rocket League against each other no matter the platform, and in a week we’ll all be able to play together. The long-awaited cross-platform party system goes live on February 19. Soon, we can all miss easy shots and do accidental flips together across all platforms – PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch.

Next week’s update revamps Rocket League’s friends list. Psyonix breaks it down into four tabs:

Platform friends – This works like the current system. It’s filled with your friends list tied to the platform you are playing on.

RocketID friends – Send invites to friends across all platforms. Your RocketID will be whatever you want your username to be followed by a four-digit number. Think Blizzard’s BattleNet ID system.

Recent Players – Did you find that rare team that didn’t dive bomb the ball at every opportunity? You can add them here. The last 25 players you played with or against will be listed here.

Notifications – All your friends requests, club invites, and other notifications will be here.

The cross-platform party system is the headline feature coming next week, but I’m oddly pumped for Extra Modes coming to Free Play. I’ve been on a Hoops kick the past few weeks and could use some practice time to get a better feel for my shots.

Also, season 9 will be wrapping up so get those extra wins if you need them for the rewards. I’ll be rocking the Diamond rewards. Again. Getting to Champion and staying there just isn’t going to happen for me. I managed to hit Champion for a night, but those folks are on an entirely different level.

Psyonix doesn’t mention it in today’s blog post, but new music is also coming this month. I’ll be adding the new album to my Spotify as soon as it drops.

That wraps it up for the February update. In March, Psyonix will launch a new Licensed Premium DLC and the second Rocket Pass comes to an end.