As long as you own a Xbox One. Rocket League is free starting today and lasting through the weekend. And you don’t even need a Xbox Live subscription to play it either. That’s free for the weekend too thanks to Xbox Live’s Multiplayer Access event.

If smashing into a giant soccer ball with a rocket slapped onto your car is a bit too outrageous of a sport for you, NBA 2K17 is also free this weekend (note: it’s free for the weekend only, you can’t download it and keep playing come Monday).

Just play Rocket League already

It still blows my mind folks are missing out on one of the best multiplayer games ever. Then again, new people are still finding their way to GTA V every day.

Rocket League is pure, unadulterated fun. It’s easy to jump into, but if it grabs you – prepare to lose a few hundred hours as you dig into the nuances of the gameplay. I’ve put in about 400 hours and I still see players doing stuff that blows my mind.

It’s also changed the way I play games. Rocket League’s fun comes in quick, five-minute bursts. Only have time to play for an hour? That’s plenty of time to get in seven or eight matches. I still love Battlefield, but those half-hour long Conquest matches now feel like a slog.

It’s also why I enjoyed Halo Wars 2’s Blitz mode so much. Short bursts of fun gameplay is where it’s at. Hell, I still play the same amount – I just like playing 10+ matches instead of a handful on other games were the matches stretch out.

For Honor? Same thing. I picked it up last night, played it for four hours and had a blast. Duels lasted between three and six minutes. Dominion matches stretched out a little longer, but I never sat there wondering ‘damn, is this match ever going to end?’

The question for me is, will I still play For Honor and Halo Wars 2 nearly two years after their release? I still do with Rocket League. I never go more than a few days without jumping on to try to get that elusive Champion rank on Doubles.

I know you’re probably neck deep in games to play, but take a few hours and give Rocket League a shot this weekend. Grab some friends and see why 100,000+ people are always playing it.

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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