Rocket League’s Next DLC Has The Best Jurassic Park Trailer You’ll See Today

We’ve seen the folks at Psyonix bring iconic vehicles in film and games to Rocket League. From the DeLorean and Batmobile to Halo’s Warthog. Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom is right around the corner, and Universal Pictures and Psyonix are teaming up to bring the unforgettable Jurassic Park Jeep to the rocket-boosted soccer arena.

And this week’s announcement includes the best Jurassic Park trailer you’ll see today.

Damn, I kinda want a game like the first half of the trailer. As you can see from the trailer, Psyonix isn’t stopping at just cars. Inside the pack is a T-Rex goal explosion. Every ‘nice shot’ is capped off with a huge T-Rex bursting out of the opponent’s goal.

The Rocket League Jurassic World Car Pack is coming on June 18 for $1.99. Yep, I’ll be buying that.

Psyonix offered a few more details on Reddit following the announcement. The hitbox for the Jurassic Park Jeep will be identical to the Octane hitbox. And like all goal explosions, the T-Rex can be used with any Battle-Car. An Octane hitbox? Well, I know which car I’ll be using for a while.

Despite just dropping a new content update, the devs behind Rocket League aren’t slowing down. New features are coming in the next two months including a revamped progression system and cross-platform friends & parties.

Rocket League’s take on Fortnite’s Battle Pass is also in the works.

Called ‘Rocket Pass,’ the system will include both Free and Premium tracks for us Rocket League junkies to unlock items for. Here’s how Psyonix describes it:

The Free track contains new cosmetic items as well as Decryptors and exclusive in-game Titles, while the Premium track will have a flat cost to unlock. You will be able to preview Premium track content before you buy the unlock to access it.

There’s plenty more Rocket League goodness coming after the Jurassic World Car Pack.