The best game ever, yeah I said it, gets even better in April. If you’ve somehow tired of Rocket League, Psyonix is bringing a new mode to spice things up. It’s called Dunk House and will launch as part of a free update in April.

What is it exactly? Well, a GIF is worth a thousand words.

Ok, that’s badass. The basketball court looks insane. And I know my ‘Xbox, record that’ is going to be getting a nice workout come April.

I glanced at the Rocket League Reddit to see how people were receiving the GIF. Of course, it was positive – but one Reddit user had a fantastic idea. “I wonder if it’ll be basketball style tip-offs to start the game,” writes the Reddit user. Psyonix, make this happen!

Do you still play Rocket League?

I’ve put my fair share of time into The Division, but I always come back to Rocket League. I’ve logged a solid 60 hours on PC and another 20 on Xbox One. I never thought a game about rocket-boosted cars smashing into a giant soccer ball could be so damn fun. I tried it on PS4 when it was free during its launch and immediately dropped $20 on the PC version to support Psyonix. Plus, the post-launch support has been outstanding. Paid cosmetic DLC only. Everything else is free.

Besides Dunk House, Psyonix is also busy integrating the Xbox One and PC players bases together. That should bump the player count on Xbox One to at least 40,000 players at any given point.

They’re also trying to get all three communities (including PS4) to be able to play with each other. Come on Microsoft and Sony, let Psyonix do their thing. It would be a good boost for some of the ranked playlists on Xbox One. Especially, the 1v1 playlist. That playlist can have as little as a few hundred people at times on Xbox One.

Need more Rocket League in your life?

Bring Rocket League to real life with the Rocket League Stress Ball. Ok, I’m not one to buy video game merchandising often, but this is tempting. Too bad they sold out. Psyonix says they have ordered more and will update the store site with an expected shipping date soon.

Rocket League Stress Ball

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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