Rocket League is awesome. If you haven’t played it yet, you need to change that now. Psyonix is making the game even more awesome with great support. First it was free DLC including a new map, spectator mode and other features.

In about two weeks, Psyonix will release patch 1.05. Rocket-League put together all of the official tweets from Rocket League about patch 1.05 together. Check out their post here. I’m going to highlight a few of the updates I’m looking forward to most.

We can finally search for a new ranked match at the end-game screen

Finally! I love playing Ranked Doubles with one of my buddies. But, having to back out to the main menu after each ranked game is a hassle. A “Find New Match” option will now show up at the end-game screen following a ranked match.

Season 1 kicks off with 1.05

You better sharpen those Rocket League skills. Season 1 is almost upon us. I’ll never have these kind of skills:

These guys are insane. You can check out the most recent Rocket League MLG tournament match here. It’s not as nerve-racking as the the video above, but it still shows some impressive Rocket League skills.

An in-game music player for switching to your favorite tracks

Who doesn’t love Rocket League’s music? I could listen to the menu themes all day.

I’m not sure which one I like more. The original menu theme, or the new one.

Improvements coming to Utopia

Psyonix will address some player feedback regarding the Utopia map. It looks like the lighting is being adjusted based on the image below.

Rocket League Utopia lighting

And yes, that is a Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Flag. Here’s another one.

Rocket League chivalry

The collaboration between Psyonix and Torn Banner Studios goes both ways. Check out the Rocket League emblem in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare below.

Chivalry Rocket League


Rocket League is one of this year’s best surprises. Who knew one of the best games of the year would be free for PS4 owners? I went ahead and threw $20 at the PC version. And it’s one of the best $20 I’ve ever spent on Steam.

Psyonix continues to offer great support. Big updates and free DLC. What’s not to like? Now I just need to catch one of these epic Rocket League tournament matches as they happen.

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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