UPDATE: Rumble is coming around 4 pm PT/7 pm ET.

I would say it’s time to fire up Rocket League again, but I never stopped playing. Psyonix’s awesome support continues today with the release of Rocket League Rumble. If you thought pinching the ball between another car led to some BS bounces. Just wait. This is what you have in store today if you jump on the new free mode.

Looks insane, right? Just the right amount of over the top craziness. 11 crazy powerups are coming later today (no specific time other than this afternoon). Here’s the list:

The Boot
Grappling Hook
Power Hitter

Check out this post for GIFs of most of the abilities in action. Rocket League Rumble will be in online playlists, Private and Exhibition matches.

Joining Rumble today will be Crates, Party Chat, and Enhanced Team Customization.

Crates are just what they sound like. If you played CS:GO, you know the deal. Crates will drop randomly at the end of matches. You will have the option to purchase Keys to unlock the exclusive content inside them. Any items you don’t want can be traded with other players after a mandatory trade-hold.

Party Chat is coming for those who don’t already use a solution.

And Enhanced team customization, which Psyonix says is “perhaps the most requested community feature of all time) is coming today. You get 10 different slots to save your favorite configurations. New colors and shades have been added to help boost the number of different configurations. Here’s an example from Psyonix.

Rocket league battle car presets

Rocket League Championship Series Season 2 kicks off this weekend

The first matches of Season 2 kick off this weekend. Week 1 of the open qualifier starts on September 10 for North America. A day later for Europe. Week 2 play is the following weekend.

League Play gets under way later this month starting on September 24 in North America and September 25 in Europe. Teams will compete for $10,000 in a Mid-Season Classic on October 8/9.

All the action culminates in RLCS Season 2 Grand Finals with $125,000 on the line.

I’m not sure if this weekend’s action will be live streamed, but if it is – keep Rocket League’s Twitch channel bookmarked.

I’ll be putting the new Rumble mode through its paces tonight, and will share up my thoughts on it this weekend.

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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