I didn’t pick up Rocket League until this past weekend. But, if you would have told me a game that is soccer with rocket-powered cars would be one of my game of the year contenders – I wouldn’t believe you. 50 matches later, and I’m hooked.

Rocket League’s developer, Psyonix, isn’t taking any breaks. Free and paid content is on the way in August. As popular as Rocket League is, Psyonix could get away with charging for everything. Here’s what we’re getting in the free update:

Utopia Coliseum map.
More than 70 new country flags.
Spectator Mode (now I want Rocket League E-sports tournaments).
Updated Goal explosions and demolitions.
New song, Firework, from Hollywood Principle.

Check out what’s coming in the Supersonic Fury DLC Pack in the trailer below.

The Supersonic Fury DLC pack includes:

2 new cars (Dominus and Takumi)
12 total decals
2 new Rocket Boosts (nitrous and burnout)
2 new wheel sets (Cristiano and Spinner)
5 new paint jobs
And a few extra trophies

All for $3.99. Nice job, Psyonix. DLC done right. Give everyone a free map and features, and place the cosmetic items behind paid DLC. Hell, I’m more apt to buy the DLC now.

Psyonix writes, “It is our sincere hope that this mix of paid DLC and free add-on content is what Rocket League fans have been waiting for, and it’s just the beginning of what is plenty more to come. Thanks once again for your continued support and we’ll see you again very, very soon.”

With a DLC policy like this, Rocket League fans are going to be very happy.

In other Rocket League news, the game recently passed 5 million downloads. About 4.5 million of those came on PS4. A quick look at Steam Spy shows just over 500,000 owners on Steam.


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