Science is taking the fun out of heavy metal concerts. It turns out all that excessive headbanging can lead to a traumatic brain injury or a brain bleed. If headbanging does that, what do the lasers do at EDM concerts? Migraines from the depths of hell?

So how did they link excessive headbanging to to a traumatic brain injury? In the latest issue of The Lancet medical journal, German doctors presented a case of a 50-year old Motorhead fan. See, it’s never too late to enjoy concerts.

The patient had a two-week history of worsening headaches that enveloped his whole head. It wasn’t confined to one side or area of the head. History of the patient showed that he had not suffered any head trauma or engaged in substance abuse. The only thing that fit within the confines of the headache was a Motorhead concert four weeks prior to his visit.

Doctors ordered a cranial CT of the head, and it showed a chronic subdural hematoma. In English, that’s a collection of blood and blood breakdown products in the area between the drain and its dura – the outermost covering. Surgery was scheduled and was successful at removing the clot. At his two-month check-in, he was symptom free.

In the journal, the scientists decided to have a little fun and be entertaining. They know that going to a Motorhead concert is not going to lead to a string of deaths. They even gave Motorhead props for being the hardest rock ‘n’ roll bands in Europe. Sounds like some study authors are angling for backstage passes.

With the 50-year old patient, they also noticed a benign cyst that could have caused the symptoms. The goal of the journal article was to sensitize the medical community at large that a certain subgroup of fans could be susceptible if they are excessive headbangers.

Take me for example. I had a severe concussion with post concussive syndrome. I’m probably not the person that needs to rocking out for hours headbanging.

If you are confused as to what headbanging is, it is the violent and rhythmic head shaking to heavy metal music. You have to give it to the scientists for having a little fun in the medical journals.


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